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Episode 19: Fear Street: First Date

Chelsea is an ordinary high school girl, obsessed with boys and the saxophone and her diet.... until a new kid comes to school.  Will Chelsea's first date become her last date?!  Will the roving gangs of greaser punks take over the 90's?  Why does this diner close at 7?  Find out with this thrilling episode where we take on a Fear Street book!
There is no sexual assault (and indeed no sex) in this book, but there is the constant threat of random violence from literally every guy in town.  Stay indoors!  Lock your doors!  Do not date!

Another Courtney Superspecial:
As I desperately try to cling to my youth and simultaneously shop for eye creams; we continue on our 4 for 40 with R.L. Stine’s “Fear Street: First Date.”
In 1989 R.L. Stine knew what the world needed was stories of terrified teen girls told through the lens of a middle aged man. With over 50 books in the series, R.L. Stine was getting that shit done and Fear Street is considered one of the most popular YA series of …

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