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We love you please give us money.

We love you so much - you're the most amazing fans and also the most attractive and you have the best taste in clothes!  Are those new shoes?  Did you do something to your hair?  We love your hair.

Oh in related news we really need money to pay for hosting and shitty romance novels and I mean it's not like we drink expensive wine but we're librarians okay it's not like we went to med school and Morganelli's needs to keep the lights on sooooo we made a Patreon.  Consider this our NPR Pledge Drive Season.

Come get cool stuff!  With just a dollar a month, you can get us to shout out to you anything you like!  We will wish a happy birthday!  We will propose to somebody (on your behalf, we are both already married)!  We will tell off your childhood birthday-party-crashing rival!  We don't even care!

If you pledge just five dollars a month we will send you a cool sticker that we will absolutely have designed by the time we need it!  It'll be a design we never se…

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