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Episode 17 - "The Hood"

YES, this is EXACTLY what this book is about!  She wears this outfit!  He wears that outfit!  She is totally checking out his ass!  It's amazing!  It's 1992!  She's a treasury agent!  He's an... accountant!  A white savior accountant!  Just read it, okay?  This white boy plays basketball in his Daisy Dukes in it, it is amazing.

There's... nothing bad in this book, honestly!  She survived an abusive childhood.  Nobody gets raped.  The only racist thing about it is that these white people go around either saving or not saving the ghetto, and they say "ghetto" on every third page but so did Elvis.  It is a fucking delight in so many ways.  We picked this up to make fun of it and then we felt hella bad because this book is woke as shit.

The sex is hot!  They talk about consent the whole time!  It's all about structural inequalities!  I didn't even know people who wear pantyhose under their side-zipping pleated slacks knew what structural inequalities …

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