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Episode 13: Flowers in the Attic, Part 1

Welcome to our next installment in what is now April Madness! We have been reading outside of our normal parameters and it has brought us to the episodes that will either be our greatest triumph or get us kicked off of all media players and possibly the country. Just a heads up that while recording this episode we out-talked the recorder’s STORAGE. This episode clocked in at just under 3 hours. So we have decided to cut this into two parts. We'll be releasing the second part in about a week just so people don't get confused and frustrated by starting in the wrong place; you'll see it clearly labeled and also linked here.  (N.B.: Obvs Courtney did our writeup this time because there's a lot more Guiding Light and a lot fewer heirloom beans and hobbit britches.)

We'd like to thank all of you who wrote such thoughtful answers to our survey on this book - we discuss some of your answers in this part and some in the next.


Can you smell the teen angst and Exclama…

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