Episode 20: Guiding Light - Jonathan's Story

YOU GUYS TWENTY EPISODES. We absolutely never thought when we started this that we wouldn't crap out long before now. Thank you so much for listening to us!  You can download the latest episode HERE, stream it below or listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and YouTube.

Jonathan, allegedly hot bad boy of Springfield, fakes his death and flees with his also-fake-dead baby daughter to start a new life away from the clutches of bazillionare Alan Spaulding. Will he find love with Tammy, fellow Radiohound fan?  Or will her Bad Dad literally fucking kill them all?  LET'S FIND OUT in this, I kid you not, Guiding Light book which came out in hardbackAnd appears to still be in print in hardback and paperback.

There's some sexual threat in this book but no real sexual assault.  There is also a ggggggghost!  AND YOU GUYS the book sort of forgets to mention that there is COUSIN FUCKING.  In the past.  So, "previously on" cousin fucking.  A COUSIN FUCKING GHOST. 

Buckle up bitches because it's another Courtney Superspecial!

I have been 40 now for a couple of months and let me tell you, I am going back to 39. I shall be that woman at 65 who says she is 39. Also, I have started pricing Botox….don’t judge me Sara. I will not go quietly into cronehood. (Editor's note: CRONE LYFE.)  As I battle this existential crisis let’s focus on our next installment of my 4 Favorites! This episode’s book is not about the book, I mean it is, but not really. We read, “Guiding Light: Jonathan’s Story,” by Julia London and Alina Adams.
If you have listened to five minutes of our show I am sure I have mentioned my love of the now defunct soap opera, “Guiding Light.” I have been a stan since before stan was a thing. I have solidified not one but two friendships based on conversations about Reva Shayne (the show’s power heroine). I grew up watching this in the summer with my Mawmaw and since the premise of our podcast is reading books we stole from our Mawmaws it seems this is a fitting read. Joining us for this episode is everyone’s favorite Kentucky Lady, Sarah (with an H) so prepare for some heavy accents.

“Jonathan’s Story,” follows the offscreen adventures of Jonathan Randall, Reva’s son. When his true love Tammy Winslow died saving his life, Jonathan Randall had only one reason left for existing: his baby daughter Sarah. But Sarah's great-grandfather, powerful millionaire Alan Spaulding, was obsessed with bringing her up himself. Faking his death, Jonathan fled Springfield, leaving only his mother Reva Shayne aware he and Sarah were still alive. Jonathan is not very good at being on the run and eventually settles in a town called Tourmaline where, you guessed it they mine tourmaline. (Editor's note: actually the tourmaline mine is played out.  Seriously.)  He meets a girl named Aubrey Cross, she is sassy and different. We know this because she wears band shirts with skirts and cowboy boots. Anyway these two connect but then problems! There is a murderous sheriff, enemies burying bodies, beach sex, and a ghost!

Like many soap operas, Guiding Light began as a radio broadcast. The genre is named for the product placement and advertising that was used in these shows. Catered towards housewives who were home during their airtime. The Guiding Light was created in 1937 by Irna Phillips. She has lost a child due to stillbirth and found comfort in the sermons of Preston Bradley. The premise of the broadcast was to promote the brotherhood of man based on his sermons. It would stay on the radio until 1952 when it was broadcast by CBS television. These first episodes were 15 minutes long. The show’s length was expanded in the 1960s from 15 to 30 minutes. In the 1970s the show began focusing on the more youth oriented, risqué storylines that were becoming more popular with soap operas and was expanded to an hour long program. The show ran on CBS until 2009 and at that time it was listed as the longest running drama in television by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Let’s look at some memorable storyline!

1)      Roger Rapes Holly. This was the first televised portrayal of spousal rape. It wasn’t a hard ravishing it wasn’t treated as a romantic storyline. It was an assault and the surrounding storyline really portrays the aftermath of spousal abuse. PS she shoots him. These two go on to have decades long storylines and the actor Michael Zaslow was an amazing villain

2)      Reva jumps in the fountain. I have talked about this at length, but here it is again. I am never not showing it.

3)      Dinah kills Hart. I loved Dinah’s crazy ass and was always team her over Cassie. I remember being riveted by this whole storyline.

4)      Danny and Michelle. Y’all this storyline was a thing of romance novel dreams. Michelle and her friend kill Danny’s brother in self defense and Danny has to marry Michelle to save her life because guess what? His mom is head of the MOB. This story was so damn good. P.S. Michelle had to break up with her boyfriend who had her dead mother’s heart.

5)      Nola and Vanessa have a catfight after both wearing Scarlett O’Hara dresses to the same ball. Enough said.

6)      Harley and Gus. More romance novel dreams. Two sassy cops who “hate” each other. I was there for it.

7)      The Frank, Alan Michael, and Eleni love triangle. I rooted for both dudes. One was poor and honest, the other rich and a bit of a bastard. All the best tropes.

8)      Guiding Light also gave us one of the first same sex couples in daytime. Olivia and Natalia. They bonded over the death of Gus and fell in love.

9)      The Reva dies, gets cloned, and fight Annie Dutton series. Clones! Mortal enemies! Jumping bridges! Joshua pining. It had everything

10)  Jonathan Randall, like mother like son. Jonathan was fully nuts in the best way. He also slept with his cousin in attempt to tear his family apart but jokes on him, they fell in love. Also, people loved him so much he got the only Guiding Light book written for him.

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