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Episode 29 - The Boyfriend

Monstrous teenagers and teenage monsters!  Thrill as mean teenagers fake deaths, fake zombiefication, fake other deaths, and then can't figure out why nobody likes them!  Chill as everybody has a silly expensive car but no moral compass whatsoever!  It's 2 AM, do your children know how to close and lock a window?

Joanna is a stuck up bitch.  Her boyfriend Dex is an insane gaslighting.... secret prosthetic makeup expert?  When Dex falls off a cliff and dies, Joanna keeps seeing him around, like, at the mall.  Is Dex dead?  Is Dex alive?  Are all of these people awful humans anyway?  It's The Boyfriend by RL Stine!

I chose this as one of my 4 for 40 books partly to complement Courtney's choice of Fear Street: First Dateand partly to revisit this book I got off a paperback spinner rack at a library when I was a kid even then reading way more grownup horror books to try to figure out why exactly I found it a little scary?

So this is part of the Point Horror series, a 90…

A Bodice Tipplers Small Business Saturday

Shop local with us tomorrow!  We've put together a list of our favorite Columbia area businesses for you to give your money to - people who appreciate your dollars and who, at least as far as we know, are definitely not assholes.  (If you're not here in Columbia, feel free to share some of your favorite local businesses wherever you are!  Or, hey, some of these people also sell online!)

My husband and Bodice Tipplers intern Wallace McBride has started selling his art prints on Etsy under the shop name Unlovely Frankenstein.  Can I interest you in a Harlequin romance novel cover of a classic Star Trek episode?  Did you watch Midsommar and can't understand why it's in the Horror section instead of the "everything seems to be in order here" section?  We got a poster for that.

Do you want to Single White Female us?  Go to our hair people!  Courtney goes to Brittany Miller at Five Points Salon.  Sara goes to Carly at Emerald Studio.

You know what's fucking amazing?  Any consignment store where rich people sell their shit.  Get your bling on at Revente and then swing by Revente's Second Chances for all the stuff that didn't sell on the first go around - all the net profits benefit the Women's Shelter.

Knit?  Crochet?  Want gifts for people who do?  Luna Lola pretty much only has fancy yarn, but it doesn't actually cost any more to buy there than it does online!  Plus they have a ton of cool gifty stuff, they can wind your skeins for you, and they can help diagnose your knitting problems.

Get a massage!  Get a facial!  Go see Stacey at Stacey O Studio; she's the sweetest person.

There's this dude Billy with a kayaking company - he does great trips down the Congaree and in the National Park, no experience or equipment required!   Check him out at Carolina Outdoor Adventures.

The Book Dispensary's website parties like it's 1999, which is not great - but their romance collection does too, which IS great.  Tons of vintage stuff.  They also have things you wouldn't think to look for, like antique maps and car ephemera.  Plus they're super nice.

BOOZE GIFTS!  Crouch Distilling  makes everything except the rye from grain grown in South Carolina.  They've even got a Jimmy Red Corn whiskey made from corn brought back from the brink of extinction by the people at Geechie Boy down in Edisto, so you can snob it the fuck up at the next party you go to.  Drink local, y'all!

Oh by the way you can totally get that at Morganelli's, your finest neighborhood liquor store.  No longer accepting personal checks!

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