Episode 39 - Kajira of Gor by John Norman, with SPECIAL GUEST!

We have a very special treat for you this episode! Miss Honey Analverkehr of My Mum is a Pornstar joined us all the way from Australia to talk about a book that had a big impact on her as a young person, John Norman's Kajira of Gor. Note: unfortunately, we had some audio issues with this one (we keep trying different things for these pandemic episodes but they keep on having different problems!) but we felt the content was so great we had to release it even though every time we talk over each other it sounds like we're bobbing for apples. It's fine, they were great apples! Miss Honey is fantastic and much more charismatic than we are, so you're not going to want to miss this one.

 Tiffany is the world's stupidest perfume counter girl who gets groomed and then abducted to Gor, where men are men and women dribble the oils of submission! She spends the majority of the book thinking about how much she wants to get enslaved instead of thinking about how she is OBVIOUSLY THE BODY DOUBLE IN A BODY DOUBLE PLOT oh my god I cannot stress enough how dumb this woman is. Anyway, she eventually gets her wish and lives happily ever after until she turns 35 or so and gets fed to the sleen or whatever it is that happens to you on Gor when you get your first gray hair.

The content warnings for this one are pretty obvious - every time you give Tiffany one minute to think you get six pages about how woman's natural place, in a truly good society, is to be enslaved to a True Man.  (Seriously, there are maybe ten pages of plot in this book and the rest is Tiffany thinking the same damned thing over and over again.  It's not just misogynist, it's boring.)  There's a ton of nonconsensual sex, although the enslaved women are all really into it, which is its own kind of content warning.  There's branding, there's slavery, there's everything on the cover and what you see is what you get except that you are totally not expecting how much of it there is.

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