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Episode 60 - Devil May Care by Elizabeth Peters

Welcome to spooky season, where we get ghosts in our brains that make us incapable of remembering the name of the book or half of the characters!  OooooooOOOOOoooo spooooky!  We love Halloween here at Bodice Tipplers so we decided to give you not one but two Halloween books - the first is Devil May Care  by Elizabeth Peters.  The second you'll have to wait to find out about - expect it at the end of the month. Ellie is a young... what does she do again?  Anyway a young lady engaged to a twit who housesits for her aunt.  The aunt is eccentric!  Donald is the neighbor's son.  Some ghosts appear by various means and occupations.   THE DEVIL IS THE DEVIL. I cannot stress enough how surprised I was by this - the actual devil makes an appearance in this book .  Yes, that is a spoiler.  Don't worry, I already told everybody I know.  THE DEVIL.  Ol' Splitfoot!  Lucifer!  The Adversary!  So, implied is that it has the kind of witchcraft that most of the modern witches I know wou

Episode 44 - Humbug Man by Diana Palmer

Happy holidays, y'all!  We all needed something a little... lighter.  Something a little more... snowy.  Something with a mustache.  Enter Diana Palmer's The Humbug Man, the tiniest little book that packs

the most chest hair!  He's another ranchin' Tate (why is that a trope?) who hates kids and loves ranchin' (childfree.)  She's a secretary who moved to Arizona to be close to Montana who needs some deep dicking, stat, but isn't going to get any until the last two pages.  It's really sweet and has almost nothing in it that's disturbing!

I did mention in the episode a more recent book that fans of this one would enjoy and said I'd link to it on the site - it's In Want of a Wife by Jo Goodman and it also has a gruff dude and a smart lady and unfortunately some moppets but it's funny and has an appropriate amount of Western Peril and also it's pretty hot.

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