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Special Edition - The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochrun

We had the great pleasure of sitting down with Alison Cochrun to talk about her very buzzy book, The Charm Offensive .  If you'd like to purchase a copy, please consider buying from Alison's local independent bookstore, Vintage Books!  At this time there are signed copies available! Dev Deshpande has always believed in fairy tales. So it’s no wonder then that he’s spent his career crafting them on the long-running reality dating show Ever After. As the most successful producer in the franchise’s history, Dev always scripts the perfect love story for his contestants, even as his own love life crashes and burns. But then the show casts disgraced tech wunderkind Charlie Winshaw as its star. Charlie is far from the romantic Prince Charming Ever After expects. He doesn’t believe in true love, and only agreed to the show as a last-ditch effort to rehabilitate his image. In front of the cameras, he’s a stiff, anxious mess with no idea how to date twenty women on national television. B

Episode 45 - Lucky by Jackie Collins

So. Wow. This book.

Lucky Santangelo is a boss businesslady who Has Sex.  A whole lot happens in this book - everybody gets married six times, at least one hotel is opened, dirty deeds are done on yachts....  I honestly do not know how I could possibly describe the plot.  I can tell you that if you are sensitive to literally any content whatsoever you should not read this book because it has it all.  Child brides!  Rape!  Child rape!  Gratuitous dead babies!  Everybody has sex with everybody else's dad!  Racism!  Fat shaming! The idle rich!  Just say no to drugs, kids!

This is one of those books that has a super boring US cover - you can tell looking at the front that the back just has a picture of the author and "fiftyeleven bazillion copies sold!", that it's about rich people, and that if you want to read it you already know about it.

BUT there are also some international covers that I know you are very interested in.  All of which are frankly more descriptive because it makes the book look way more tawdry.  And this book is tawdry as shit.

Hello, Indonesia!  This actually looks kinda classy.

Unfortunately, this is the only image I can find of this Italian cover.  WHAT THE FUCK ITALY?!
The Dutch aren't playing coy either, although this is definitely somewhat classier:
Bulgaria reads a little "teen biography of a pop star" to me?
BUT there's a second Bulgarian cover:
1) is that lady doing a side plank and 2) yes, this cover accurately presents the book as tits, Vegas, and questionable things done on stairs.

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