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Special Edition - To Love and to Loathe by Martha Waters

We're back with Martha Waters for her second book , To Love and to Loathe !  If you remember, Martha had the unique bad luck to release her first book the week the world ended last year, and it's been so long that she's back with a sequel. The widowed Diana, Lady Templeton and Jeremy, Marquess of Willingham are infamous among English high society as much for their sharp-tongued bickering as their flirtation. One evening, an argument at a ball turns into a serious wager: Jeremy will marry within the year or Diana will forfeit one hundred pounds. So shortly after, just before a fortnight-long house party at Elderwild, Jeremy’s country estate, Diana is shocked when Jeremy appears at her home with a very different kind of proposition. After his latest mistress unfavorably criticized his skills in the bedroom, Jeremy is looking for reassurance, so he has gone to the only woman he trusts to be totally truthful. He suggests that they embark on a brief affair while at the house par

Episode 50 (!!!) - The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough

You guys you guys this is it!  This is the big one! We are fifty episodes old and we are going BIG!  We have gotten so many requests for this one - we read The Thorn Birds, you guys, and we're gonna watch the miniseries (check social media for upcoming details about watching it with us!) and we got a secret guest (spoiler: Courtney's secret brother Nate) all the way from Australia, and of course it was a whole ass thing.  We lost Courtney for half of it!  It was a beast, but we had a blast and we offer it up to you as our 50-episode birthday present to everyone.

The Thorn Birds is one of those big family sagas they used to love to make a miniseries about.  There's a big house.  There's a spite will.  There's a million characters who mostly don't matter and a million things happen that also mostly don't matter.  There's Meggie, only daughter of the most ridiculously sterotypical Irish family to every Irish its way to New Zealand and then Australia.  There's Ralph (RALPH!), tormented priest and self-absorbed piece of crap.  There's other people who are related to these people but admit it, you're really here for Meggie and Ralph.  

You should not read this book if you're sensitive to depictions of grooming (nothing happens between Ralph and Meggie until she is an adult, but they meet when she is a child and he is clearly obsessed with her and behaves in a way that isn't sexualized but is deeply inappropriate), vividly described marital rape, stealthing (!) by a woman, priests breaking their vows... oh and for some reason these people castrate lambs with their teeth?  I cannot WAIT for all the YouTube comments about how we don't understand that "people were different back then".


  1. Looking forward to your viewing of the miniseries! After me and my high school girlfriends watched it, we fantasized about deflowering a priest. Then as luck would have it, we all got summer jobs at a fast food place where one of our co-workers was a seminarian, and super cute, so we all set our sights on who would nail him first. Even better, our moms had seen the miniseries too, so they were cheering us on. However I had a decently developed 'gaydar' even then and I was picking up that his disinterest in girls was not because he was saving himself for Jesus. I lost track of him after he was ordained and I hope that he's since left the church and is living happily ever after with a wonderful guy


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