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Episode 53 - Peyton Place by Grace Metalious (with special guest!)

Today we have a special treat for you - we got Henry from FireStarters   to read Grace Metalious' Peyton Place  with us and let me tell you... it's a real Peyton Place in there. I honestly can't even describe the plot of this book so let me just give you the trigger warnings, I guess?  So this book is trying really hard to shock you, which shouldn't shock you - the stuff that isn't  intentional in it, therefore, is... more shocking?  So on that front look out for rampant 1950's racism that thinks it's progressive including whoa  n-word count and awful depictions of mental illness, including a character who dies by suicide.  The stuff you're here for, though - the Peyton Place  stuff - includes but probably is not limited to because my god: incestuous rape and abuse, secret illegal abortion(s), an industrial carnival accident, a cat strangled in absolutely bizarre circumstances (I mean seriously usually I'm the one freaked out by animal cruelty but t

Episode 52 - Honor's Splendour by Julie Garwood

Meet gentle Lady Madelyne, kidnapped by the Studly Baron Duncan!  Wonder why "honor" is spelled the American way but "splendour" got that extra u!  Thrill to dastardly deeds, "dastardly deeds" if you know what I mean, and last minute court intrigue for no reason!  It's
Honor's Splendour
by Julie Garwood, a
special listener request!

Trigger warnings include seriously dodgy depictions of mental illness, Evil Gays, offscreen-before-times sexual assault, awful abusive childhoods, and considerable historical inaccuracy.


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