Episode 58 - Navy Wife by Debbie Macomber

Life comes at you fast!  When we recorded this episode focusing on the military and talking a great deal about our choices abroad we had no idea it was going to come out at the exact same time as our withdrawal from Afghanistan. Here are some ways to help people in Afghanistan and refugees arriving in the United States. If you served in Afghanistan, know that we're thinking about you and about how hard and complicated this is.

So!  Debbie Macomber's Navy Wife, first in her Navy series.  She's trying to cure her broken heart by moving cross country to sublet her brother's apartment!  He's in love with the sea but is cockblocked by mechanical issues on an aircraft carrier!  They get married after knowing each other for two weeks and guess what maybe that wasn't the world's best idea but USA! USA! USA!  No major trigger warnings here except of course for American hegemony and the military industrial complex.

Oh and I promised you - military tiaras!  Mess dress in the 50's included tiaras for female soldiers, sailors, and Marines and you can see one here, from the Smithsonian.

Update: looks like the Navy just retired the tiara (along with the seriously cool boat cloak) as "optional" uniform accessories in 2016.  Which is crazy because I promise you I'd wear it all the time.  With the boat cloak.  I'd be the flyest lady admiral-type you ever saw.

Update to update: looks like you can still tiara it up if you're wearing your NOAA Corps uniform!  This is a boring PDF but I offer it as proof.  AND NOW FOR THE WEATHER, BITCHES!

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