Episode 69 (awww yeah) - The Sherbrooke Bride by Catherine Coulter

Douglas is a mean-ass, uh, spy and lord of something or other.  Alex is the plainer sister of The Most Beautiful Woman in England but she's got some knockout knockers.  They throw chairs at each other and get kidnapped.  It's our sixty-ninth episode, The Sherbrooke Bride by Catherine Coulter!

By the way, there's some discussion in this about whether a fancy Regency lady would pee in the woods on a long carriage ride - despite Google trying to autocomplete "how did travelling Regency women" with "use the litter box" (???) I did a little "research" and it seems she'd probably have used a bourdaloue, which is like a teacup for your tinkle, and not gotten kidnapped in the first place at all.  Here's a picture of one:

The more you know!  Her maid would have had to deal with it, and of course this is one of those books that forgets about maids all the time.  Whatever.  That's not the biggest historical issue with this book and I don't know why it bothered us so much, compared to the ghost who gives GPS directions and weather reports.

There's some pretty upsetting content in this book, including but not limited to the truly grotesque (but not graphic) sexual assault of a side character, a graphic (but not grotesque) miscarriage that's actually dealt with in a serious way, some "light ravishing" on the part of the main character and a major secondary character - there's a lot of crying during sex in this one.  There's also a ghost!  Napoleon! Proxy marriages that are also stealth trick marriages!  Magical boobs!  It's a lot!  Happy Episode 69 to us!

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