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If you want to read along with us so you aren't just taking our word for it, here's what we're doing for our upcoming episodes:

We did a fun crossover episode with the ladies of Textual Tension!  And we read... oh god you guys.  We read:

Rogue ostensibly by Fabio really by Eugenia Riley
Image result for rogue fabio cover

Yes, y'all, we had to be seen in public with this book.  IT HAS A CREEPY CENTERFOLD.

Jesus fuck.  He's named Ryder Remington (yes really) which is kind of all you need to know.  She's masquerading as a tavern wench to investigate a disappearance.  In, get ready, Charleston.

Nobody actually gets sexually assaulted in this book but there's a lot of aggressive bullshit, kidnapping, blackmail, etc.

And for Courtney's birthday we're doing some Courtney Flashback Specials:

Wishes by Jude Deveraux
Wishes (Montgomery/Taggert, #7)

Y'all I don't even know, this is about an 80's lady with fake boobs who dies and gets stuck being a fairy godmother for an 1890's-era girl in Colorado.

This WOULD be delightful but in fact it's alarmingly full of some insanely intense fat shaming, plus some shockingly evil family emotional abuse, including hella gaslighting.  Seriously, this is supposed to be a light and frothy book!  And it is!  But if any of that sounds like it's going to bother you, the light and frothy tone of it is going to make it a lot worse for you.

First Date by RL Stein

Yeah, it's a dating Fear Street book!  Somebody's a killer!  Everybody else is just an asshole!  Can Chelsea figure out which is which in time?

No sexual assault in this but plenty of just regular-ass assault.  Every man in this is a damned nightmare - there's catcalling, diner robbing, insane behavior from "good" guys, etc.  On the other hand, there's some hot saxophone action.

And getting back to our original concept:

The Hood by Carin Rafferty

YES, this is EXACTLY what this book is about!  She wears this outfit!  He wears that outfit!  It's amazing!  She's a treasury agent!  He's an... accountant!  A white savior accountant!  Just read it, okay?

There's... nothing bad in this book, honestly!  She survived an abusive childhood.  Nobody gets raped.  The only racist thing about it is that these white people go around either saving or not saving the ghetto, and they say "ghetto" on every third page but so did Elvis.  It is a fucking delight in so many ways that I don't want to spoil for you.

Shadow of the Lynx by Victoria Holt

I read this when I was a kid and it gave me VERY WEIRD KID IDEAS.  Now I'm returning to it and it is... even more fucked up than I expected?  Nora is one of those freshly orphaned smart Vicky Holt girls.  Charles Herrick, aka the Lynx, is a... brilliant sex monster?  It's hard to explain.  There's another dude too.  And a whole other family.  Is this even a romance novel?  Is this maybe a thriller?  I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE.

This is going to be okay for most people but there's definitely an extremely controlling man, there's an attempted rape that ends up with the woman safe but the man's brains splashed all over the outback, there's a good bit of murdering but mostly, you know, the genteel kind.  No explicit sex.


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